How to Love a Woman Who Desires to Have Control in Marriage!


In marriage, every woman desires the affection and tenderness felt by lovers. Every woman wants the tender passion that is a perfect definition of strong feeling; a spouse’s passion, devotion or tenderness for another in marriage. Every woman wants raving beauty, love and invention in form of trusting her with your emotion. Despite the fact that most women wonder what they have gotten themselves into when they get married, they want to be in control of their man’s life and possibly bring out the best in their man.

You must be able to love a woman who is superior of her kind, able to respond without delay or indicative of such ability, and disposed to a capacity for action. You can marry a woman who is practical, one with power of controlling her emotions and marked by bold determination and readiness for being able to maintain herself without your assistance. This article exposes and explains. Please, read on!

When you want to love a woman who desire to have control in marriage, you must understand her inner nature and her emotional needs which most people think she does not have need of. You must understand that she is marked by sharp and often witty incisiveness.

You should also understand that she is in need of the tender passion and a capacity for sharing in the interest of another, has impassive and undeveloped emotional nature. She is hard to please by nature and needs pleasurable satisfaction without exceptions.

She lacks the agreeable emotion accompanying the expectation, acquisition or possession of something desirable, especially in the face of adverse fortune. She has a force that is marked by uncontrollable excitement often under the stress of a powerful emotion. Her tongue lacks speech that is marked by kindly courtesy and approval that is free from all harshness, roughness, or intensity. She shows no fear when faced with something unknown and can rush off in her own direction instead of seeking advice. She is full of pride and aggressiveness. She controls every activity in which she is involved.

You must be aware of her desire to have control over all things, and be mindful of her emotions as you make life better for her. Understand her and be submissive to her will, guidance or control. Show her an expression of great approval and high esteem for every power or skill that results from her persistent endeavor and cultivation. Show her credit for physical, mental, or legal power to perform and praise her natural proficiency especially in a particular activity.

Fill her with quality of mind or strength of purpose especially in preparation for a hard task. Give her the support of your approval to arrive at a goal more than anyone else in a shorter time. Do not go into a vigorous often heated discussion of a moot question with her. Even when she causes you to be uneasy or upset, still love her.

Do not allow her get to a level where it will be difficult for you to cope with her. Do things with her and lend her your countenance to get rid of an emotional response to a slight or indignity. Always encourage her to forgive anyone who caused her emotional stress. Carry out a regular or repeated appropriate use of a faculty, power or bodily organ with her. Be good at the act of bringing into play or realizing in action.

If you are not easily aroused to action or activity, she will not like you! You must be interested in working on every relevant occasion with her. Do not try to stand firm against her or her influence; allow her to exercise her prerogative of determining what happens in the marriage. Do not try to be on your own and do things without informing her. Even if everyone will call you names, always be firm in adherence to whatever you are bound to by duty or promise; it is in your best interest to have a blissful marriage.

Keep her from yielding, sinking or losing courage or stability. Motivate her to express love and be filled with joy at all times. Give her a sense of peace; be gentle and good to her. Teach her the power or capacity to endure without complaint something disagreeable. Make her to understand that meekness is not a weakness. Encourage her to get rid of overbearing habits and attributes that shows superiority toward others. Do things with her and allow her to take the credit, as you fill her with willingness to give credit to others.

Show her tender passion! Have a mental attitude that is not subjected to being disputed when making love to her. Talk to her while making love to her and make her enjoy the act. Love her and satisfy her needs so that you can have a happy love life with her.

Play with her at every relevant occasion and show her the feeling which animates a person who is genuinely fond of someone. Be patient with her! She can go on without sex but when she wants it, always give it to her; even if she desires to dominate the process, allow her.

Be good to her so that she can be a partner who has the quality of being pleasant or agreeable. Have confidence in yourself, in her and in your relationship. Help her, take care of the children especially when she needs help. Lead her with wisdom, lead her with ability to recover quickly from depression and maintain high spirits. You must have a state of longing for the good life that promises enjoyment or satisfaction which is pleasing to her.

Lover her passionately! Show her tenderness and love. Make love to her before bed-time and make her go to bed earlier and satisfied. Appreciate her at all times and do more things with her. Have a high regard for her and pray for her as much as you can, especially if she lacked a good relationship with her father. Allow her to express herself; be matured with her and do matured things with her. Love her endlessly so that you can have a happy married life with her.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson


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