How to Live the Easy Life and Marry the Right Person!








Secret #1

If you can carry out, or have a will to carry out, instructions, or submit to somebody’s will or authority but characterized by complete absence of useful action or result; marry a person who is motivated by or displaying determination and purposefulness.

Secret #2

If you are able to change or be changed according to circumstances but do not show passionate interest in something or eagerness about something; marry a person who can show a courageous or reckless disregard for exposure or vulnerability to harm, injury, or loss.

Secret #3

If you can display calmness and self-control and not inclined to speak much, live free from trouble or disturbance but feel or show no willingness or enthusiasm to do something; marry a person who is skilled at making you believe something.

Secret #4

If you have special ability and skill in physical movement, especially in using the hands and manipulating objects but having a feeling of dread or apprehension, and easily frightened; marry a person who is lively and having or manifesting great vitality.

Secret #5

If you are inclined to cautious restraint in the expression of knowledge or opinions but not having or affording assurance of the certainty or soundness of something or someone; marry a person who possess cleverness and the ability to think of ways of dealing with difficulties or problems.

Secret #6

If you are empowered to do things that are good enough to meet a requirement or to be considered acceptable but not participating in a romantic relationship with somebody, so uninvolved that you do not consider intimacy; marry a person who has reliance on his or her resources, efforts, and ability.

Secret #7

If you have the power or capacity to endure without complaint something difficult or disagreeable, able to put up with harsh conditions or treatment despite many difficulties but slow to do or say something because of indecision or lack of self-assurance or a belief in your ability to succeed; marry a person who feel fairly sure that something that is wanted will happen, and make you feel confident that something desirable will happen.

Secret #8

If you are disinclined to impose something such as opinions or yourself on other people, unwilling to trust or put confidence in somebody or something but tell the truth and, have or show an appealingly open and honest nature; marry a person who is acknowledged as not subject to doubt or open to question.

Secret #9

If you are of a generally agreeable nature especially in social interaction, providing or willing to provide assistance, information, or other aid but lacking a definite plan, purpose, pattern or direction; marry a person who is open, honest, and sometimes forceful in expressing true feelings and opinions.

Secret #10

If you are honest and unaffected in a way that shows what is said is really meant and showing nobility of character in spirit toward other people but without strong emotion and unconcerned about things; marry a person who is able to exert a lot of influence and control over people and events.

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