Why Every Woman Must Be Beautiful!!


Beauty, they say is in the eyes of the beholder but raving beauty is a distinctive trait every man holds in high esteem; when you see her, you definitely get attracted by her beauty. A physically attractive woman is very pleasing to look at. No matter how tall a man is, he wants a shining example of a diva that looks amazingly awesome and superbly stunning in a floor-length designer gown.

In the course of writing this stunning success, I interviewed lots of men, especially those who are the highest stratum of a society; I noticed that if it were possible for them, they will have remarried. Lots of them wished they met and married a woman with the world at her well-manicured feet and the beauty of the world at her hair.

Every man wants a beautiful woman who can beautify the beauty of their world. A man wants to be an eye-opener and a good-looker whose wife is good-looking and eye-appealing. A man wants to see the eyeful attractiveness that is moderately a raving beauty which is very exceptional to other women of uniqueness.

Ninety-nine percent of men I spoke with in this regard, want to get hitched to a beautiful diva-in-the-making who has curvy hip and slim waist with low waist-to-hip ratio, and normal body mass index with breast size that comes below both body weight and shape.

A man wants a woman with lovely hair, flat-stomach, good height, straight legs, slim-fit and head-turning body structure. This explains why lots of women can pay high prices to reshape, revive and revitalize themselves in order to remain attractive.

In today`s world, a woman is synonymous with plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. A woman can work on herself to be best looking, even beyond the quest for eternal beauty. Every woman wants to maintain eternal triangle of love and sustain herself at the corner-stones of the temple of love and happiness. In marriage, a beautiful wife means a lot to a man.

Just like the way big lips do not make a woman beautiful, a man will lose and become less affectionate with a woman when she gets over-weight. A man wants to feel good when he looks at his wife. This explains why some men seek an affair outside the matrimonial home when their wives turn them off.

Attractiveness means pleasurable satisfaction to a man, which includes great sexual relationship. It is wisdom for every woman to work on herself and watch what she eats to give folds and lines a miss in view of the fact that an attractive woman is not so much born as made, but every man wants his woman to be very clean and good-looking; revitalize yourself woman and satisfy his needs that are very deep, beyond the depth of the motions of emotion.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson

Culled from the Life-Changing Book: The Rules of Relationship & Maxims of Maturity

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