Discover the Best Way to Increase Your Man’s Self-Concept!


This is one aspect of the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship, recognized by law, which every woman must understand.

Some women believe that in the institution whereby individuals are joined in a marriage, which is characterized by close union and mutual affection, men should respect them first if they want to be considered worthy of high regard.

The truth is, a man does not need to work for being considered worthy of high regard. By nature, a man must be marked by respect from a woman.

No matter the diva-state or professional distinction of a woman, her man wants her to give him special attention that is full of the state of being esteemed.

This issue is very important to every man and absence of it has made lots of women single mothers and divorcées respectively. As a diva, you do not need to divagate in marriage as a result of your inability to respect your husband.

A man wants you to hold him in high esteem and take delight in his lifestyle. As a woman, you do not need to divagate when you can simply appreciate.

You must value your man to be a treasure. In every treasure-house, there is a treasure trove. If you want your man to treasure you and increase the treasures in your treasury, you must set great store by your man.

You must respect your man if you really want him to be thoughtful of you as a woman. A diva does not dive on a king to merit the status of vive la reine (long live the queen), neither does a diva say vive le roi (long live the king) without having regard to the art of respect.

Every man wants respect from his woman and even others. Your man will in instance cherish respect from you. A man wants you as his woman to respect him by submitting yourself to his state of guidance and the instance of leading, so that the children can follow in the same accord.

You do not see a man as being inadequate to, or unsuitable of taking care of you. Remember, you are not his mother and should not try to act as one.

You must respect the fact that he has what it takes to do what any developed and matured man can do, including dealing in or with explicitly adult affairs.

A man wants to be happy with you as a woman and needs your respect as his better-half. The best way a woman can increase the self-image, self-ideal and self-esteem of her man is to respect him; violà tout (that`s all).

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson


Author: mypinkmarriage

PINK MARRIAGE is a vision that focuses on empowering couples to embark on a mission of living a very, very healthy and happy marital life. We believe in strong love and healthy marriages; encouraging married couples to be in very good health, in very good condition, physically and emotionally. We believe marital love-making is very healthy! We are committed towards enabling couples to be very strong at expressing their love to each other and operate romantically well; making love frequently at least twice a day. We believe in PINK MARRIAGE that is full of HAPPINESS; an embodiment of conjugal perfection where the couples are in good health, feeling quite well and feeling on top of the system that drives the progress of human race. PINK MARRIAGE is a place where you learn to experience incredible pleasure, to perform your unprecedented love-making duty, to have quality reproduction and to stay close together in love forever as a couple. You can completely experience a quality and excitable love-making life. You can have a loving and comfortable marital relationship! You can enjoy a fruitful and blissful connubial life with PINK MARRIAGE. Commit love and enhance the love between you and your spouse. Wouldn’t you rather lead your life to more joy and peace in your marital relationship? Go beyond cloud nine and attain the seventh heaven with awareness. You can follow us and like our page on Facebook:

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