The Most Important Reason Why He Married You!


There is no place like home and a woman who makes the home is the peace of her husband. A man wants to be human and manly. A man wants to run his business very well and at the same time, run his home in a way that is marked by suitability and appropriateness of excellence with the help of his wife.

Every man wants to be a good father with the help of his wife. Even men who had wrong father-figures want to get it right. This explains why a man can call off a relationship with a girl he intends to marry when he finds out that she will not make a good and committed homemaker.

Every man wants to get it right the first time, so that he will get it right by himself in every relevant occasion.

A man wants the state of being free from agitation of mind and free from disturbance. A committed homemaker increases her man`s power of adequacy in himself, and his powers and abilities.

A man wants to bond with his children through the assistance of his better-half. A man wants well-managed home and well-mannered children. He needs a haven ambience that provides the rest and peace he needs.

The most profound degree of a state of well-being in marriage is having a well-cultured spouse, and the highest point capable of being attained in marriage is bringing the children to a satisfactory state of intelligence and success that is morally accepted.

A man wants a woman who can play an important role at perfecting the state of family values custodian and great bonding with the children.

In this day and age, a real man wants to marry a girl from a disciplined and influential home, who has cooking prowess and success potentials.

No matter how much a man had flown by the night, he will in every relevant occasion, set his heart upon flying higher in his marital home with a committed homemaker in view of the fact that he will, in all instances avoid flies on himself in his matrimonial home, at least for the sake of his children who will bear his name as a responsible father.

No man wants to be a failure to his children. Nothing means more to a man than the greatest contribution a woman can give to make the home a place of good value and success.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson


Author: mypinkmarriage

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