What Every Woman Wants from Her Man but Does Not Know How to Communicate it to Him!


No matter the size of any woman, she does not see herself, being small and therefore demands a state of deferential approval and liking from any man.

As a man, she wants you to know that no woman is dark and short; every woman is fair and tall. Therefore, every woman should be treated with fair-mindedness and held in high esteem.

A woman wants you to have a high opinion of her and rate her person highly. She wants you to think much of her and to take delight in everything that concerns her. She wants you to set great score by her and express elevated feeling of pleasure towards her in form of tender passion, assurance and appreciation.

She wants you to smile upon her and laugh with her. She wants you to always know that she is the better-half of your being that makes two of you, one. She wants you to respect her body and every moment she shares with you.

She feels, she is worthy of esteem without exception and demands that you admire her in every relevant occasion. She does not want you to tell her parents or your parents about her funny behaviors, rather to hold her in high regard with right adequacies.

Every woman wants to be able to tell her husband that she deserves to be respected especially in marriage.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson



Author: mypinkmarriage

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