Why Every Man Must Make His Woman to Laugh!


A woman is very emotional by nature, she is dominated by subjective reaction and she knows how to cope with her inner nature, through the art of laughter.

Premenstrual syndrome and its symptoms makes a woman to live with psychosomatic and considerable disorder most part of her month, especially between ovulation and the commencement of menstruation.

As a result of this, every woman wants to laugh time and time again so that she does not look much older than her age.

It may interest you to know that a woman can easily walk away from any man who does not know how to make her laugh. That is why a man who can make a woman to laugh, can make her to stay with him in every relevant occasion.

No woman wants to compromise any privilege to show joviality, delight or derision with a smile and a consistently fickle expression.

No woman is civilized when it comes to laughing-ability. Nothing is impractical to a woman provided she is having pleasurable satisfaction.

She wants to express pleasure and take herself to a higher state of laughter. She wants a man who can make her to laugh; a man who can laugh with her and not at her.

A woman sees herself as a creature whose life does not seem long in duration, not to be filled with happiness expressed by laughing.

This explains why a broken woman can hook up with another man or even find a state of well-being from a fellow woman. She wants good times in every relevant occasion.

A woman wants to laugh, whether by being in a whirl, moving uncontrollably, chuckling, tittering, chortling, making a very loud and often a continuous noise, giggling and laughing in a way that lack regularity in course.

Laughter means fortune and fame to any female being. Every woman wants to laugh. A woman wants to laugh to live happily.

She wants to laugh to subdue pains and live in peace. She wants to laugh to feel good in her dispositions.

It is true that some women tend to look very serious but every one of them wants to express amusement.

A woman sees a favorable occasion to laugh when her man gives her a priceless and lovely body massage which she may never have.

A woman can trade her laughter to get what she wants from any man. As a man it is in your best interest to know that a woman wants you to make her laugh beyond her expectations and laugh with her overpoweringly.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson


Author: mypinkmarriage

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