Marry Your Mate Tip #5


In this day and age, single girls especially those who just graduated from the University are doing their very best to tie the knot before their favourable occasions become slim to none. They go beyond themselves trying to unite in marriage when they are looking for pleasing and impressive qualities of life, thrilling and engrossing interest and alluring power of attractive appearances. These damsels want to get hitched when the man they can call their own wants them and is not afraid to embark on a journey with them. It is amazing to know that lots of young women can implement their structural strategies and even sleep without cloths to trade their secrets and seduce the supposed future husband.

In the same vein, many young men are busy acquiring what it takes to experience sexuality in marriage as a result of the increasing brutality in the corporate world. If you have been close to these men whose faces have been shaped by the business of life, especially those caged by the tight schedules and shackles of working life, you will notice that almost all of them are looking for the right woman they can call their own, and marry a woman who is genuine in expression and experienced, and in tune with her feelings, one who will not be in fright of what she has gotten herself into, but will in every instance be in the matrimonial home.

To most single girls and young men, finding a good spouse can be very hard. The most unanswered question is: Why do men see this choice-making as a tough one when there are many young ladies seeking for a man to call their own? Another question that needs an answer is why beautiful damsels in the metropolitan area long to be a supportive mate to their partner but cannot find any man to marry them?

A right choice of marriage partner is a choice that goes beyond the lover’s quest to become users of other persons to satisfy their own desires all under the guise of nurturing married love and happiness. Marriage is a place where couples live in and live with each other. A good psychological attitude of the partners, both to the world in general and to each other, is an important factor that must be considered thoroughly when making a choice of marriage partner.

Everyone has his or her distinctive uniqueness. One’s tendencies, natural strengths and weaknesses are the make-up that defines his or her personality and external influence. You are not marrying anyone to change him or her. You must accept that the one you want to marry is different from you and should complement your strengths or weaknesses.

The best criteria for a right choice of marriage partner is the person’s character. You do not marry because everyone is getting married. You must spend the rest of your life with someone who can offer his or her strength where you are weak, and let your strengths complement his or her weaknesses.

You are worthy of marriage! You can marry your own spouse and enjoy real love that makes closeness valuable and separation unbearable. You can marry your mate and date your mate even at the age of seventy.

In this appealing and thought-provoking series: Marry Your Mate Tips, you will get wise to eighty (80) tips that will enable you find and marry your own spouse who will be a source of comfort and security for you as you enjoy a secure base from which you venture out into the system that drives the progress of humanity, and a haven of safety to which you turn for love, acceptance and comfort.

This article unveils to you Marry Your Mate Tip #5, “If you can show appropriate deference and respect but get anxious and lack self-confidence; marry a person who has what it takes to restore energy and vitality, someone who can do things pleasingly different and exciting.”

Wouldn’t you rather discover and empower yourself to enter into your rest, fill yourself with and give your marriage new passion that makes you feel alive? Go ahead and enjoy the very best of blissful matrimony as you begin a journey of identifying one of the rare few you can call your own, and foster a close bond that makes your marriage a safe place for you and your spouse.

The prospect of marrying your mate; living a very happy married life always and forever is a dream you can live. Read more of Marry Your Mate Tips by visiting our website. Congratulations!

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson


Author: mypinkmarriage

PINK MARRIAGE is a vision that focuses on empowering couples to embark on a mission of living a very, very healthy and happy marital life. We believe in strong love and healthy marriages; encouraging married couples to be in very good health, in very good condition, physically and emotionally. We believe marital love-making is very healthy! We are committed towards enabling couples to be very strong at expressing their love to each other and operate romantically well; making love frequently at least twice a day. We believe in PINK MARRIAGE that is full of HAPPINESS; an embodiment of conjugal perfection where the couples are in good health, feeling quite well and feeling on top of the system that drives the progress of human race. PINK MARRIAGE is a place where you learn to experience incredible pleasure, to perform your unprecedented love-making duty, to have quality reproduction and to stay close together in love forever as a couple. You can completely experience a quality and excitable love-making life. You can have a loving and comfortable marital relationship! You can enjoy a fruitful and blissful connubial life with PINK MARRIAGE. Commit love and enhance the love between you and your spouse. Wouldn’t you rather lead your life to more joy and peace in your marital relationship? Go beyond cloud nine and attain the seventh heaven with awareness. You can follow us and like our page on Facebook:

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