Six Ways to Turn Your Woman On and Satisfy Her Tonight!



  1. Pick your mobile phone, thoughtfully scroll to your woman’s number and dial it. Tell her how you really desire to undress her and make her experience stratospheric intense exaltation of mind and feelings by making love to her passionately.
  2. Create the ambience of your ebullience. Come alive and enthusiastically express your romantic and erotic thoughts or feelings to your woman. Kiss your woman! Call into being a gateway to romance and satisfy her sexually by trying new love-making positions.
  3. If you went to work before your wife got dressed, call her during break time and ask her the color of panties she is wearing. Leave your workplace early and pick her up at work, cancel every appointment, take her home. Carry her into the bedroom, take off the panties and make her kneel on the bed. Skilfully and creatively bring her thighs to your shoulders; hold firm and give her an unmeasurable pleasure of inverse-69 till she screams to climax that is a perfect description of over-joyfulness.
  4. After having a busy and stressful day, do not come home tired. Offer to bathe your woman, apply soap on every part of her body. Use your finger to activate the sensitive spots of her facilities and faculties intimately. Do not be in a hurry to penetrate her. Discover the most sensitive of her sensual zones, caress it for her; take her to the peak of her euphoria and exalted high spot till she experiences one of life’s greatest treasures and supreme joy of sexual satisfaction.
  5. Cherish and make the very best of your woman’s off-work days. Halfway through the afternoon, take permission from your workplace and go home without informing your woman. When you get home, carry her up and give her the greatest kiss so far in its widest sense; explore and caress the inside of her mouth with your tongue as profoundly as possible. Use the tip of your tongue very lightly and gently titillate her tongue and lips. Look into her eyes as you take her clothes off, let her bra find its place on the floor, admire her breast, fondle with care, suck her nipples for some time. Tell her how much you love her. Activate the love drama on the bed with unimaginable succession of stroking that brings out the girl in her and takes her to the beatitude of her perfect-peace attitude.
  6. Buy your woman some smart new and sexy lingerie. Go to her workplace, tell her you just came to check on her and give those things to her. At night, help her do the cooking, wash the dishes and put the children to bed; do not let her know how much you want to make love to her. When you both get to the bathroom, offer to massage her waist and thighs, light up the love flame in her, make her bend and make passionate love to her from behind. Dress her in the lingerie and cuddle her through the night.



Author: mypinkmarriage

PINK MARRIAGE is a vision that focuses on empowering couples to embark on a mission of living a very, very healthy and happy marital life. We believe in strong love and healthy marriages; encouraging married couples to be in very good health, in very good condition, physically and emotionally. We believe marital love-making is very healthy! We are committed towards enabling couples to be very strong at expressing their love to each other and operate romantically well; making love frequently at least twice a day. We believe in PINK MARRIAGE that is full of HAPPINESS; an embodiment of conjugal perfection where the couples are in good health, feeling quite well and feeling on top of the system that drives the progress of human race. PINK MARRIAGE is a place where you learn to experience incredible pleasure, to perform your unprecedented love-making duty, to have quality reproduction and to stay close together in love forever as a couple. You can completely experience a quality and excitable love-making life. You can have a loving and comfortable marital relationship! You can enjoy a fruitful and blissful connubial life with PINK MARRIAGE. Commit love and enhance the love between you and your spouse. Wouldn’t you rather lead your life to more joy and peace in your marital relationship? Go beyond cloud nine and attain the seventh heaven with awareness. You can follow us and like our page on Facebook:

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