30 Proven Ways to Have a Clean & Healthy Vagina, and Have Your Man Go Down On You Enthusiastically!

Indeed, a fresh and clean vagina is very important when it comes to enjoying a healthy marriage. Take good care of yourself and take your place in your marriage.



When vagina is mentioned, so many things come to the complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and especially reasons. But the unvarnished truth remains that vagina is a canal in a female being that leads from the uterus to the external orifice of the genital canal. Vagina comes from the Latin word, Vāgīnae, meaning “Sheath.” The vagina allows for sexual intercourse and childbirth, and channels menstrual flow, which occurs periodically as part of the menstrual cycle.

Every woman has a vagina with its own smell. How a woman’s vagina smells affects the taste of her apple pie. It is true that the passion flower, pink pearl, cum pocket and warehouse of warmth has its own smell, but every man wants to feel good each time he tastes his woman’s honeypot.

In the same vein, every woman desires real love and wants her man to touch and taste her vagina as he establishes erotic contact and initiates an unprecedented grade of erotic communion during the love’s drama. The increased intensity of a woman’s natural bodily secretions, the scent of her arousal fluids, what she eats, her sweats, and personal hygiene determines how far a man will go with her during love-play.

Most women see their vaginas as a penis penitentiary but there is more to it than meets the eye. The vagina is more than a tube of muscle inside a woman’s body or immissio penis where phallus is inserted, rubbed and pressed against the folds and pads of its walls to initiate an intimate merging of souls and bodies.

Every man wants to take care of his woman and satisfy her. He wants to go beyond the culmination of sexual relationships to suck his wife especially if she is a woman who is inexperienced in erotic business and unable to express the worth of her distinctive sexual desire.

It is therefore in every woman’s best interest to know how to have a clean and healthy vagina, and have her man go down to give her head. As a woman, if you are ready, this article will teach you how:

  1. Don’t wash your inner canal with soap; it is self-cleaning. It cleans itself with the help of natural secretions, you may call them discharge if you choose to.
  2. The external sex organs that surround your vaginal opening is called the vulva. Don’t use perfumed or medicated soaps, gels and antiseptics to wash your vulva. Gently wash it with plain, unperfumed soaps twice a day.
  3. When you urinate, clean yourself from front to back and not from back to front. Wipe with baby wipes instead of toilet paper.
  4. Always keep your perineal area clean and wash your perineum very well every time you have your bath.
  5. Flushing water up into your vagina and clearing out your vaginal secretions is unnecessary! When you do this, you interfere with the pH levels of your vagina, reducing the acidity of your pussy and setting the stage for bacterial infections.
  6. Be a natural woman, and keep your vagina clean and healthy. There is a good bacteria called Lactobacilli in your vagina which helps to keep the pH of your vagina at its normal low level of pH3.8 to 4.5; preventing the growth of other organisms.
  7. Avoid putting your fingers in your vagina; it eliminates the amount of living lactobacilli in your vagina and multiplies other bacteria especially when your hands are unwashed.
  8. No matter the smell of your vagina, do not use scented wipes to clean your leading lady and do not apply vaginal deodorants to your wonderful woman. It kills the production of bacteriocins, naturally occurring antibiotics, that reduces or kills other bacteria entering the vagina. It also results to bacterial vaginosis or thrush with symptoms such as itching, irritation and abnormal discharge.
  9. Wash your vagina with water each time you make love.
  10. When having your bath, spread your legs apart, use your fingers to pull the inner and outer folds of the vulva at either side of the vagina away from your clitoris. Gently wash the skin on both sides of your clitoris with a washcloth.
  11. Wash your panties with mild natural soap and warm water to avoid irritation on the sensitive skin around your vagina.
  12. During bathing, wash your anus last and keep your washcloth from touching your vaginal area after you’ve washed your anus. This is the best way to prevent urinary tract infections.
  13. Allow your vagina to be acidic, you do not need the vaginal dryness you are looking for. Vaginal dryness actually produces unpleasant vaginal odour.
  14. Your vagina does not need hot water, what it needs is warm water. Remember you don’t wash the inner canal of your vagina, just focus on cleaning your vulva and folds. Wash these areas first as soon as you get in the shower.
  15. No matter how you sweat, stop using perfumes and powder on your vagina. Powder creates an increased risk of ovarian cancer.
  16. Avoid asparagus, ginger and garlic, and other foods high in alkaloids; they make your vagina smell funny especially during cunnilingus. Take probiotics to keep your vagina healthy. Eat a healthy, vegetable-based diet.
  17. It is true that your vagina has a natural smell but a high intake of red meat might make it smell more than it should.
  18. Like your vagina and focus on keeping your natural acidic pH balance in check. Always keep your virtue of love fresh and clean.
  19. Thong can cause health problems, it increases urinary tract infection; for regular, everyday use, full-coverage cotton panties are the healthiest choice for your vagina.
  20. Don’t exercise in non-breathable underwear, it increases the risk of having discharge, itching and pain.
  21. Do not wear panties to bed at night, it makes the vulval environment very hot which can lead to growth of harmful fungi, and as a result, create pH imbalance which may lead to vaginal problems. Lots of women wear tight underwear and outfits that do not allow their private parts to breathe. As a woman, it is in your best interest to air out your vagina at night in order to balance the good bacteria and harmful bacteria that accumulated from the heating up of the genital area during the day. You can sleep in boxers or pyjamas.
  22. Avoid douching! It increases the risk of a woman having bacterial vaginosis which is characterized by symptoms such as white or gray coloured vaginal discharge with a strong and foul odour, vaginal itchiness, vaginal odour with a strong fish-like smell, pains, and burning urination.
  23. Don’t be ashamed of your vagina, every woman has one. Your vagina is sacred; love it and make it priceless.
  24. When you are menstruating, do not wear pads and tampons for long periods of time; change them regularly.
  25. Drink lots of water! Water helps to keep your membrane lubricated and your vaginal odour diluted.
  26. Shave your pubic hair regularly. Avoid panty hose and tight jeans; they are not good for you as you think.
  27. Keep your vagina from sagging by engaging in pelvic floor exercises, maintaining a normal weight, avoiding constipation, and avoiding smoking and alcohol.
  28. Your vagina is very healthy when it has a natural acidic pH of 4, which is the same pH as wine, tomatoes and beer. You know what that means? Always have a healthy vagina so that your husband will always desire to taste you.
  29. About thirty percent of women have orgasms through vaginal intercourse. Greater percentage of women experience the supreme joy of the orgasm ecstatic through cunnilingus. If you find yourself in the latter, you must ensure that your vaginal fluids taste good to your man so that he can enjoy you and lick you to climax. The best bet to get a sweet taste is an increased and prolonged intake of pineapple.
  30. Your vagina is not dirty! It is your symbol of power and beauty. Your vagina is what makes you who you are. Be confident about your vagina and have better orgasms.

Now that you know how to have a clean and healthy vagina, it is in your best interest to be fresh and clean so that you can live a healthy life and make things work in your favour.

Make things work in your favour and let the flavour of your vagina put your man on his knees always. When you have a clean and healthy vagina, getting your man to go down on you will be a done deal for you.

Getting your man to go down on you may seem to take an eternity but it is possible when you have a fresh, clean, and healthy vagina. Remember, you can make things work in your favour with the sweet flavour of your vagina. There are many ways you can crown your efforts with success. Just start with these approaches that will blow your man’s mind to get to business with you.

Firstly, immediately after a good and fulfilling love-making session with your man, ask him to give you cunnilingus until you reach another orgasm.

Secondly, after putting the children to bed, tell him you want to watch a beautiful late-night movie with him. While the movie is going on, take his hand and place it on your thighs. Make him romance and caress you with all it takes. Take your time and position yourself comfortably on the couch. Don’t limit your possibilities, ask him to give you cunnilingus like he has never done before.

Thirdly, go to bed without clothes, wake up in the middle of the night and turn your man on. When you succeed at satisfying him, tell him to kiss your vagina. Ask him to spread your legs very wide so that you can really feel his lips kissing you between your legs. Express how you feel to him! Ask him to lick your clitoris till it becomes very firm and hard. When you get very wet, let him push his tongue as far as it would go into your vagina. Ask him to stretch you apart with his fingers so that he could go deeper. When he pushes his face right into your vulva, just relax and enjoy the whole and wonderful experience, and be sure you run out of breath when you can no longer stand the overjoyfulness of the climax.

Indeed, a fresh and clean vagina is very important when it comes to enjoying a healthy marriage. Take good care of yourself and take your place in your marriage.

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