The Easiest Way to Relate with a Woman!


A woman can change in her emotions, loyalties, intentions, preferences and affections but that does not mean you can change her.

No you don`t! The Latin phrase, Varium et mutabile semiperfemina explains this better. She is inconsistent in her heightened feelings which are very unpredictable.

A woman has an inner nature that excites the complex agitation caused by strong feelings and aroused by the strange incomprehensible of her character.

If you follow up a woman with all your might, you will be overwhelmed against your will through unexpectedness, startlingness, or unusualness.

A woman can leave you open-mouthed! You do not follow her with maximum energy or like ferocity.

Neither do you work on her with high or excessive resentment; she will make a mess of you as she gets you high and dry to haul down your colours.

A man who is set to go into relationship with a woman should first of all be a graduate of the school of maturity and higher degrees of responsibility.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson

Culled from the Life-Changing Book: The Rules of Relationship & Maxims of Maturity

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