Wouldn’t You Rather Make Love Twice a Day?


The state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law is a form of monogamous erotic relationship that is permanent.

Marriage is a place where the power of sexual attraction is obvious and undeniable. It is a place where couples connect to and with each other; creating an attachment bond. You may call it an emotional connection that ties you and your spouse’s hearts together.

When you are truly married to your spouse, you create a home for your hearts through constant playing together, intimacy and friendship. The way you connect emotionally with your spouse and foster a close attachment bond determines how long you stay close and live safely in marital relationship.

In marriage, there is a state of well-being that is attained and preserved when there is satisfactory outgrowth and a reflection of intimacy in the rest of the matrimonial living.

Many married couples believe that they can attain sexual happiness through sex but the bitter truth is sexual happiness is attained through the process of coming to deeply know another and to be known by him or her.

Sexual happiness does not come from the icing on the cake but the cake itself. Unlike in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship where the people involved adopt a pattern of few minutes’ quickies, married couples are free to play with each other and stay intimate with each other for hours.

It may interest you to know that most married people quickly have sex without making love. Sex does not come before lovemaking. In a matured and beautiful marriage, lovemaking comes before the sex. The art of sex is the beauty that beautifies the lovemaking.

Lovemaking is about giving and receiving. It involves the meeting of souls and spirits, the mixing of your life with your spouse’s, a mingling of souls, and sharing of hearts.

Lovemaking is a connection between a couple which provides some of life’s greatest treasures. There can be sex without connection but spiritual things go on when couples make love.

Lovemaking is very sacred and reserved for people who are bound together in an exclusive, life-long relationship. Lovemaking is beautiful and holy! It is God’s wonderful creation for married couples. It leads to more joy and peace in marriage.

You spend quality time when you make love with your spouse because it enhances the love both of you share and brings you closer to each other.

Lovemaking is God’s gift to you; develop the art and enjoy the practicality. You delight yourselves in lovemaking on the wedding night, during the honeymoon, and continue in it. You do not stop lovemaking till your old age. Make use of this gift and live the best life.

Lovemaking goes beyond touching, fingering, kissing, sexual conversation, sexual liberation, physical contact, romance, functional sexual intercourse, and procreation.

During marriage classes, we were taught that sexual connection is important for preserving the couples and the human race; and it is critical to a healthy, happy relationship between husband and wife. As a result, most couples settle for a relationship that is typical of a harmonious marriage, especially as working couples.

But if life is dominated by the urge of self-preservation and by sexual urge, where the former preserves the individual, the latter the race. If love means taking pleasure in seeing, touching, perceiving with every sense, and in the closest possible contact, someone whom we find lovely and who loves us, then the frequency of lovemaking among couples should not be every other day affair; it should go beyond a vigorous and harmonious sex life.

Lovemaking is about better recreation and greater procreation where love is born in a sense of indescribable exaltation and joy though the ecstasy of giving the joy of life, and attainment of the desired satisfaction and relaxation.

Lovemaking is the highest, the loveliest and the toughest task that gives us the deepest joy to give each other the supreme joy which is the best gift that human beings can share.

Love which has unfolded both its highest potentialities of joy and of dignity and moral value through marriage, can permanently bless both partners to have a relationship that is typical of a very, very healthy, happy relationship.

Where there is love, there is a psycho-erotic approach to lovemaking and it goes beyond the daily lovemaking, typical of a very happy marriage.

Do not settle for a very happy marriage, go for a very, very healthy, happy marriage where you make love twice a day in view of the fact only where love is can the sexual pleasure be at its height, the orgasm overjoyed, the relief complete, and the somnolent, dreamy relaxation which follows love communion, a perfect peace.

It is wrong to start your marital life with relaxation and honeymoon ecstasy, and settle for once a week, twice a month or once a month lovemaking experience.

The bridal celebratory should blossom into the perfect flower of ideal marriage. Married love should get better, it should not reduce. Love is come of age, and is in flower. Now, and now only, can it bloom aright. You just have to do it right.

You cannot afford to be experiencing pressures of life, quarreling with your spouse or becoming uninterested in your spouse. You have come of age to live with deep consciousness of the merging of the souls into one.

No matter the intensity of your work, give yourself to this work of making love twice a day with your souls and your minds, even as with your flesh.

Get closer to your spouse, flow with your spouse, give marital problems a miss and at least enjoy the rapturous delight of a lovely marital relationship every morning and night.

Life is beautiful and the beautiful life is yours even in your marital relationship. Remember marriage is a place and you really have to take your place and make your matrimonial home a place of bliss and fulfillment. Wouldn’t you rather make love twice a day?

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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PINK MARRIAGE is a vision that focuses on empowering couples to embark on a mission of living a very, very healthy and happy marital life. We believe in strong love and healthy marriages; encouraging married couples to be in very good health, in very good condition, physically and emotionally. We believe marital love-making is very healthy! We are committed towards enabling couples to be very strong at expressing their love to each other and operate romantically well; making love frequently at least twice a day. We believe in PINK MARRIAGE that is full of HAPPINESS; an embodiment of conjugal perfection where the couples are in good health, feeling quite well and feeling on top of the system that drives the progress of human race. PINK MARRIAGE is a place where you learn to experience incredible pleasure, to perform your unprecedented love-making duty, to have quality reproduction and to stay close together in love forever as a couple. You can completely experience a quality and excitable love-making life. You can have a loving and comfortable marital relationship! You can enjoy a fruitful and blissful connubial life with PINK MARRIAGE. Commit love and enhance the love between you and your spouse. Wouldn’t you rather lead your life to more joy and peace in your marital relationship? Go beyond cloud nine and attain the seventh heaven with awareness. You can follow us and like our page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinkmarriage/

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