“I Want Nothing Less Than 3 Rounds of Sex” – Starved Housewife Cries Out In Lagos


A house wife named Afusat has cried out over her husband named Aminu Mohammed Simpa who has the dexterity of a capable man but is not strong enough to satisfy her in bed.

His inability has affected the peace they once enjoyed in their Ajibose Street, Agege, Lagos home.

Saturday Sun reports that for over 13 years, the 51-year-old indigene of Obangade, Kogi State, has not gone more than one round of sex with his wife, Afusat, a constant cause of quarrel in the middle of the night.

Sex is now a luxury for them. Anytime they are going to have it, they have to plan it. The wife would
have informed the husband beforehand so that he would not stress himself during the day. At the end of all preparations, Simpa will still not go more than one round.

This has brought crisis into what once seems to be a happy union. Afusat, 44, complains of not getting satisfaction ev­ery time they make love. As a woman, she told Saturday Sun, she expects at least three rounds of sex from her husband.

“I expect my husband to be able to take me to orgasm whenever I wish to make love to him. But no, that is not the case; instead he would stop at one round breathing as if he just climbed a mountain. It is unac­ceptable. But I understand his predicament,” Afusat stated.

Trouble started for the father of four when he had accident while on duty at Glaxosmith­kline, Ilupeju Lagos State. Ac­cording to him, he was injured above his pelvis and was oper­ated upon. The operation from the injury he claimed affected his performance as a man.

How I became partially impotent

Narrating his ordeal, Simpa, recalled how he went to work in May 2003 on morning shift as a security officer with his for­mer employer.

“That day, I was on morning shift, to close work around 2pm. My supervisor, Mr. Wilson Oyedele, who was on afternoon shift that day de­layed me and asked me to work with the people on afternoon shift because there were few people working on afternoon shift”, he stated.

“I was told to work from 2pm and close by 5pm,” he contin­ued, adding “that day loading started around 5pm and the gate to the warehouse was faulty to the extent that we used plank to suspend it when we open and close it. I was in a hurry to go home because I did not inform my family that I would be com­ing back late from work. The boy offloading was too slow for my liking so I went to assist him, in the process I was hit by the bad gate.”

His frustration

Simpa is in pain. He is not only suffering from his inability to satisfy his wife but also from how a company he worked for, for 15 years treated him after he sustained the injury. He was taken care of by the company during his stay in the hospital but was laid off some months later because he asked for com­pensation.

“In a place of work when an employee gets injured, they compensate them , but they did not do that, I wrote a letter to management while I was work­ing there but my supervisor said that I am still working with them and I want them to com­pensate me. He told them to put my name in the retrenchment list in 2005

“When I went back to work on the 20th of June, after four months they released the re­trenchment list and told me that my service was no longer needed, I went to meet them and they said that they wanted to reduce the number of staff.”

Simpa said effort to get the hospital remove the iron at­tached to his body has been futile since the hospital has not had any communication from Glaxosmithkline to commence treatment on him. Therefore, he resorted to taking painkillers and self-medication to survive while waiting for the company.

“I have been to hospital but they refused to treat me. Even the human resource officer that no longer works there told me that if I am not given a letter, I would not be treated. I even went to meet the doctor that op­erated on me at LUTH, but he told me to pay N5,000 before he would attend to me or recom­mend drugs that I would take. What I have been doing since then is to engage in one job or another then use the money to buy Ampiclox , Vitamin C, Pan­adol and pain relieving drugs to relieve the pains.”

His wife’s lamentation

If Afusat could turn back the hands of time, she would defi­nitely want those days that her husband was satisfying her sex­ual needs. Since that is no longer possible, all she could do now is to complain and bear it as her cross. Her words

“I take sol­ace in the fact that I already had four children before the inci­dent. If not so, I would not have taken it easy with him. How can a man not have strength to do more than one round. It is not good. If he finishes one round he would be looking for sleep to regain strength.

“Several times, I have com­plained, even got angry with him despite knowing what hap­pened to him. Before the ac­cident, he was agile and I was always praying that no woman should have sex with him be­cause he knows how to satisfy a woman.”

According to her, she has tried all she could to improve her husband’s condition. She has introduced him to local herb popularly called ‘Afato’

“As a man of peace, he would console me and plead with me that things will improve. I have tried to help him improve it. Sometimes I would buy him drinks or tell him not to work much, yet it would always re­solve to the same thing,” she stated.

When Saturday Sun vis­ited Glaxosmithkline to verify Simpa’s claims, this reporter was directed to the company’s public relations agent, one Mrs Omolara Shittu of Brooks and Blake. The agent asked the re­porter to send an email to her. The first mail was sent to her on 17th of June and the second one on July 2nd, but as at press time, no response has come from her, SunNews reports.






Happy Birthday God’s Generals, Pastors Archie & Ngy Aseme!


You are the most beautiful

And the best of your kind

You are the crowning beauty

Of God’s creation in its fullness

You are the raving beauty

Of God’s creation

Your life is full of the beauty

And the perfection of God,

Full of greatness

You are the perfection

And epitome of beauty

You are the best of all God’s creation

The world raves about your beauty

In rightness

You are not ordinary

You are chosen royal

And peculiar treasure to God

You talk, walk and live

With this glorious consciousness

You are the most cherished

And celebrated of all God’s creation

You are God’s perfectly crafted masterpiece

Created to rule and reign;

Manifesting graciousness.

You are God’s excellent handiwork

Blessed and highly favoured.

You are heroes seeing through the zest.

Changing the status quo in its fullness.

You know who you are

You are a success

You live the higher life.

You live with the very best of consciousness.

You know the whole world is your oyster

You know the whole world is yours

You are at one

With recreating the world.

You are on all fours

With the world of greatness.

You can do all things

You have the best option

That is endless

You have a mentality

Your I-can-do-mentality

Is Epignosis in its totality

Celebrating possibilities

With participating awareness

The way you move the gospel forward

Is a perfection of the upward and forward life

You are not of this world

You do great things

That are out of this world

In activeness

You do mighty things

Your thrive for greater influence and abundance

Distributes affluence and sapience

With effectualness

Your dynamic ability

And infinite intelligence

To cause changes

Have distinctive accurateness

That is beyond imagination

You are not ordinary

You are the glory of God

Born to cause changes

And reign in righteousness

You are relevant and excellent

Your creativity and indispensability

What a manifestation of lightness

A great manifestation

Beyond imagination

You champion the cause for great change

A great chance

With productiveness

You are distributing the good life

You are a champion forever

You are a success

You are the solution

The solution

Beyond imagination

The world is saved

And healed and filled with gladness

Because you are the catalyst

For a great change

And sponsor of the gospel

Even in the nation of biliousness

You break new grounds

You locate eternally assigned destinies

Empowering them

To fulfill their divine destinies

Yes! You blaze new trials in fairness

You are in charge

You expand your sphere of contact

You rule and reign differently

You rule the world with boldness

Your pursuit of purpose

Is out of this world

Your daily pursuit

Is full of success

You are running

With a great purpose

Your life’s purpose

Is full of goodness

Through your partnership

You sail the ship of higher life

Giving lives a new meaning

Many are fulfilling their destinies

See lives that are perfected

Through your kindness

You own the world

You recreate the whole world

Your modesty and productivity

Is a seed that fills the land

With greenness

Your giving on the altar

And to divine mandate

Displays your virtues

And shows forth God’s praises

You are a kind of first fruit

Of God’s creatures

You are the perfection

Of God’s beauty

Beyond cleanness

You make decrees

And change circumstance of life

You know your rights in Christ

You exercise your authority

With boldness

You are a son and daughter

Of the Almighty

A helper of the great work

Dimension of revelation

And realm of truth

You gorgeously define

With coziness

Your place of victory

And financial prosperity

Are example

Of magnificent elaborateness

You are shining

And shining through the trails

You are a super star

You are Partners

Shining in all brightness

You are a super star

You are Partners

You blaze trails

Of new frontiers of newness

You brave the odds

Through your partnership involvement

You consistently partner

With God`s vision

And blaze new trails

With refreshness

You go beyond dreaming big

To do bigger and greater things

Your greater glory

Your greater glory

Unprecedentedly manifest graciousness

You are a success

Your large place of success

Is a place of the higher life

A place of prosperity

With greatness

Success is in you

Your steps are ordered

In success and victory

You chart the course

Of excellence in capaciousness

The nature and glory of God

Is in you

You are the carrier

Of God’s divine excellence

You crush every adversity

You are complete in God

You live in an unending prosperity

With uniqueness

You are the glory of God

You distinctively make a difference

With influence and power

You live a life

Of Purpose, power and Plenty

That unprecedentedly manifest resoluteness

Through your partnership

You have placed yourself

Uniquely at a global stage

Of stunning success

You are shining

Like the stars of Heaven

You are living

In complete happiness

You are shining

And shining

Like the stars in heaven


The heaven in you graciously

And enjoying your haven

With reward of shrewdness

Your giving activates all grace

That favourably

Increase your affluence and influence

You have continually partnered

With the spirit

Becoming the very best,

Increasing grace

To your greatness

You are full of Phronesis

And Hikanotes

Strengthening all and sundry

With Dunamis

The world is yours

The whole world

Marvels at your preciousness

You are a shining light

To the nations

And people of the world

Shine your light God’s Generals

You are highly esteemed;

Shine your light

With greatness.

A spill of anointing

Births untold blessings

Because you said yes

To the Anointing

To passion for commitment

Your lineage dwells

In God’s unique grace

For you are God’s dearest,

wrapped in His mercy.

Lives you built

As your insurance policy

When you sent out divine health

To the aches brought

To the Healing School,

When you sheltered

God’s chosen ones

Through lands,

Houses of the Building Project.

Precious Partner,

You dried tears,

Saved destinies

When you spread God’s influence

To Inner City children

And did wonders

In lands unheard of

Because you sponsored

God’s Word

Via Missions partnership.

You proved

To be a chosen generation

For you raised mighty men

Called the Haven

And together,

You matched on,

Taking cities

Through giving

For the Global Distribution Network.

Pastor Archie & Ngy Aseme,

The beloved of God,

You saw,

Met needs in our church projects

Built God’s stage,

Worthy of His Word

And full of His glory.

Now you bring

Youths far and near

To God’s truth;

You gave for Campus Ministry

Then went coast to coast,

Reaching ears

Because you partner

With the LoveWorld Radio.

The Internet Multimedia partnership

You spearheaded,

Giving the world

The word at a key’s click

Hmmm, you sent His word

Around the world

When you gave for Bible Sponsorship.

Do you know you

Trained preachers of this Gospel

When you gave

For International School of Ministry?

Or that you changed

Lives in different lands

Through seeds you sent

for Reach Out Campaigns

And for the Children’s Partnership?

Highly Esteemed God’s Generals,

you are a treasure,

God’s treasure

You gave

So men can watch

LoveWorld Television,

Bridging gaps through translations

And expressions showcased

In LoveWorld Plus,

LoveWorld Sat;

And then you walked on gold,

Making daily devotion simple

Because you partner with Rhapsody of Realities.

Glory! Indeed, passion spells your life

For you have been driven

By zeal and love

You reap for you have sown

And all grace abounds towards you.

Thank you for giving

Lives a meaning

You taught us

The Word

You taught us

To speak in other tongues

Like never before

When we release Zeze

Our Prosperity Increases!

Because we know

That is our life!

When we burst forth

And release Boyamakataya

Unprecedented miracles

Everywhere and always.


Thank you,

Most valuable

And Highly Esteemed

Pastors Archie & Ngy Aseme

Happy Birthday

God’s Generals!

You are Spreading

You are Lifting!

I love You

My Pastors.

You are a Success,

I celebrate

Your Success

And Impact

Thank You so much

For raising me

And others

With the fullness of Epignosis

Happy Birthday to You!


The Eze mmụọ

(King of the spirits)

© Anyaele Sam Chiyson


How to Talk to Your Woman and Meet Her Needs!

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If you are still living at a level of seeing your woman as a cook, sex partner or one of those girls, then it is time to talk to her in a better way through understanding her person. If you can understand that she is strange as she comes closer, you will talk to her and be closer to her.

If you can talk to your woman; you will understand her need for romantic love and affection, romantic attention and fondness, a warm hug, a genuine smile and breath-taking kiss, to feel loved and cherished.

A woman wants to know that she is the only woman in your life. She wants to know that you care about her and always expect an attention that is characterized or influenced by or conducive to passionate attraction and desire or romantic affair that elicits passion. Continue reading “How to Talk to Your Woman and Meet Her Needs!”