If You Want to Change Your Woman, Read This!


Do not be surprised to see her react unfairly; she can adapt everything for the stage. When you get in a relationship, do not be amazed when she wants to exercise a decisive role in influencing your actions and conduct, take first place in your life to rise above anyone and afford a view of incomparability.

A woman wants to talk through hard nuts to crack and find a solution for something that is difficult to understand, out of the ordinary, awe-inspiring or beyond your understanding.

Do not feel bad when you get to know that a woman you are relating with, says something like – “I demand an explanation from you”.

Culled from the Life-Changing Book: The Rules of Relationship & Maxims of Maturity

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Why Every Man Must Make His Woman to Laugh!


A woman is very emotional by nature, she is dominated by subjective reaction and she knows how to cope with her inner nature, through the art of laughter.

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How to Be Happy; Harnessing Your True Potential and Living Your Powerful Purpose!

As a boy, my parents traveled with me. As a teenager, I traveled and as an adult I have discovered that there is more to why we all traveled.

The truth is that we are all on a journey but it matters how we travel on our paths. We must define our purpose in other to find our path as we travel, and fulfill our purpose as we travel.

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