Wouldn’t You Rather Make Love Twice a Day?


The state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law is a form of monogamous erotic relationship that is permanent.

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If You Have Fallen-in-Love with an Older Woman, Read This!


As a man, you need to know that a woman who was born at the same time as you is actually six years older than you sensitively and possesses greater physical totality that will make her live longer than you.

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The Easiest Way to Relate with a Woman!


A woman can change in her emotions, loyalties, intentions, preferences and affections but that does not mean you can change her.

No you don`t! The Latin phrase, Varium et mutabile semiperfemina explains this better. She is inconsistent in her heightened feelings which are very unpredictable.

A woman has an inner nature that excites the complex agitation caused by strong feelings and aroused by the strange incomprehensible of her character.

If you follow up a woman with all your might, you will be overwhelmed against your will through unexpectedness, startlingness, or unusualness.

A woman can leave you open-mouthed! You do not follow her with maximum energy or like ferocity.

Neither do you work on her with high or excessive resentment; she will make a mess of you as she gets you high and dry to haul down your colours.

A man who is set to go into relationship with a woman should first of all be a graduate of the school of maturity and higher degrees of responsibility.

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Culled from the Life-Changing Book: The Rules of Relationship & Maxims of Maturity

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Why You Have Not Been Able to Figure Out Your Woman!


Every man wants to share his life with a woman or even spend the rest of his life with her. Some men want to have a woman who has a curvy hip and slim waist with low waist-hip ratio, a normal body mass index and boob size that comes below both body weight and shape, by their side.
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30 Proven Ways to Have a Clean & Healthy Vagina, and Have Your Man Go Down On You Enthusiastically!

Indeed, a fresh and clean vagina is very important when it comes to enjoying a healthy marriage. Take good care of yourself and take your place in your marriage.


When vagina is mentioned, so many things come to the complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and especially reasons. But the unvarnished truth remains that vagina is a canal in a female being that leads from the uterus to the external orifice of the genital canal. Vagina comes from the Latin word, Vāgīnae, meaning “Sheath.” The vagina allows for sexual intercourse and childbirth, and channels menstrual flow, which occurs periodically as part of the menstrual cycle.

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Six Ways to Turn Your Woman On and Satisfy Her Tonight!



  1. Pick your mobile phone, thoughtfully scroll to your woman’s number and dial it. Tell her how you really desire to undress her and make her experience stratospheric intense exaltation of mind and feelings by making love to her passionately.
  2. Create the ambience of your ebullience. Come alive and enthusiastically express your romantic and erotic thoughts or feelings to your woman. Kiss your woman! Call into being a gateway to romance and satisfy her sexually by trying new love-making positions.
  3. If you went to work before your wife got dressed, call her during break time and ask her the color of panties she is wearing. Leave your workplace early and pick her up at work, cancel every appointment, take her home. Carry her into the bedroom, take off the panties and make her kneel on the bed. Skilfully and creatively bring her thighs to your shoulders; hold firm and give her an unmeasurable pleasure of inverse-69 till she screams to climax that is a perfect description of over-joyfulness.
  4. After having a busy and stressful day, do not come home tired. Offer to bathe your woman, apply soap on every part of her body. Use your finger to activate the sensitive spots of her facilities and faculties intimately. Do not be in a hurry to penetrate her. Discover the most sensitive of her sensual zones, caress it for her; take her to the peak of her euphoria and exalted high spot till she experiences one of life’s greatest treasures and supreme joy of sexual satisfaction.
  5. Cherish and make the very best of your woman’s off-work days. Halfway through the afternoon, take permission from your workplace and go home without informing your woman. When you get home, carry her up and give her the greatest kiss so far in its widest sense; explore and caress the inside of her mouth with your tongue as profoundly as possible. Use the tip of your tongue very lightly and gently titillate her tongue and lips. Look into her eyes as you take her clothes off, let her bra find its place on the floor, admire her breast, fondle with care, suck her nipples for some time. Tell her how much you love her. Activate the love drama on the bed with unimaginable succession of stroking that brings out the girl in her and takes her to the beatitude of her perfect-peace attitude.
  6. Buy your woman some smart new and sexy lingerie. Go to her workplace, tell her you just came to check on her and give those things to her. At night, help her do the cooking, wash the dishes and put the children to bed; do not let her know how much you want to make love to her. When you both get to the bathroom, offer to massage her waist and thighs, light up the love flame in her, make her bend and make passionate love to her from behind. Dress her in the lingerie and cuddle her through the night.

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Marry Your Mate Tip #10


In this day and age, single girls especially those who just graduated from the University are doing their very best to tie the knot before their favourable occasions become slim to none. They go beyond themselves trying to unite in marriage when they are looking for pleasing and impressive qualities of life, thrilling and engrossing interest and alluring power of attractive appearances. These damsels want to get hitched when the man they can call their own wants them and is not afraid to embark on a journey with them. It is amazing to know that lots of young women can implement their structural strategies and even sleep without cloths to trade their secrets and seduce the supposed future husband.

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